What To Do For A Cold In Your Toddler's Eyes

When your toddler wakes up with crusty, draining or red, irritated eyes -- or what is commonly called a “cold” in her eyes -- it can be very distressing for the child, as well as for parents. These symptoms, however disturbing in appearance, are frequent occurrences in youngsters. Always check with your physician when a toddler has cold-like eye symptoms, as many conditions warrant an exam for diagnosis. If she’s fever-free and both eyes are itchy, watery or red, it’s possible your child has al

Effect of Humidity on Human Hair

Humidity is an almost universal catalyst for frizzy or uncooperative locks--regardless of hair type. During periods of high humidity, even people who normally lack frizz-factor might combat dry, unmanageable, fluffy ends. Although moisture-laden air alone can create bad hair days, often those unpleasant frizzy or limp and unappealing effects are caused by the combination of humidity and other dynamics. Tame your mane by learning the effects of humidity and you’ll be able to sail through even the