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There Aren’t Procedures for This

In the beginning, I thought I was prepared for a pandemic. At least, better than most. I was wrong about that. The stress of running a perpetual marathon in this environment is unraveling my psyche. I alternate between affirming self-talk and sinking into a pool of profound negativity. Most days, the latter is winning. The stakes are exceedingly high now, complex, and different in the types of decision-making I’ve built a career around. I should be proficient at this. Full disclosure: I’m not. I’m struggling. I am suffering COVID fatigue.

What I Learned From 6 Hours in a Cancer Center

Next I sat in a newly designed cancer center awaiting my CT scans. Once this area was a thoroughfare for foot traffic between healthcare departments. Currently repurposed as a zone of epic proportions, and transformed for social distancing, the deliberately placed and masked patients dotted the stark landscape. Post-apocalyptic gazelles, grazing under tired Thomas Kincaid garden paintings. It was a surreal place.

How to Make a Business Pandemic Plan

What if your business suddenly experienced a forty to seventy percent reduction in labor? Add to that, severe logistic disruptions and diminished critical supplies. And then, assume these conditions were sustained for weeks or possibly months. Could your company still operate? The above scenario is very similar to the predictions of how a moderate to severe infectious disease epidemic or pandemic could impact the workforce and affected communities. Although the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (o

Pandemic: Serious Threat or Overhype for the Workplace?

Statistically, every century a pandemic occurs roughly three to four times, sweeping the world with fractured transportation, overwhelmed hospitals, shortages on essential.goods and services and business shutdowns. The longest . recorded period of time between pandemic episodes has been 42 years. As of 2007, we are entering our 39th year without a pandemic. In the year 1918, the world experienced the most deadly pandemic, with U.S. deaths alone estimated at more than 500,000. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the other two pandemics in that century, (1957-58 and 1968) killed 70,000 and 34,000 respectively.